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  • River Song: The Heroine

In the case of female characters written by men, we as women are given, broadly, mind you, four different options for characterization. They are as follows: the villain, the vixen, and the victim.

Let’s start first with the simplest of all: the villain. This is a…

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And the reason she can jump is that she knows the Doctor will catch her. Her absolute trust that he will be there, he will catch her when she falls, is what enables her to prove there’s always a way out.

We’ve seen far too many fictional women made weaker by their relationships. Not River. Not ever. She gains strength from her unconditional love and trust.

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Gif Meme → anonymous asked for:
↳ AU: River as a full time companion

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AU: Captain Jack Sparrow is friends with the Doctor and has also encountered his wife.

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Twelfth Doctor accidentally meets River Song (requested by greengrassdaphne)

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River/Ten AU: Shortly after he begins to travel alone, the last person the Doctor expected to see appears in the TARDIS.

Has someone made a complete fic of this yet because hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng River/Ten!

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The Problem With The Moffats 'Plot twists'



Rewatching the Wedding of River Song is pissing me off. The 11 era is such bullshit. I love 11, but his storyline sucked

Then you obviously don’t love 11; can’t have it both ways. Either he’s good or he sucks. :)

Who the fuck even arrested River?

Watch LKH to know…

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So who have been some of your favorite guest stars that you’ve had on over the years? (X)

I think it’s official that Matt literally can no longer go an entire interview without mentioning Alex and/or River at least once.

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└ River meets Twelve for the first time.

inspired by [x]

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Look at her face, she is both smiling and crying at the same time. 

because I think a last kiss with her husband was the last thing she expected. And that’s why I love her so much - she is so happy with the little things she get, so little selfish - think about it - all the companions except for maybe Martha - was almost kicking and screaming for a way back to the Doctor, or had trouble letting him go - but she just seemed so happy seeing him once again, a Doctor that knows, and loves her. 

She didn’t blame him for her death didn’t get angry, or tell him to find a way for her to come back, she didn’t ask about him and and Clara - maybe just a bit of jealousy at the conference call, when he wasn’t there.

She just wanted to know why he didn’t say goodbye, and get some closure - a closure they both could handle - nothing more. It’s such a small thing, and he couldn’t even give her that  - but she is still never angry or resentful - because she understands why he couldn’t give her that.

When she died in the library she was the was one comforting him, and she dies smiling, telling him that they’ll see each other in the future, and she does the same her. She is so strong that neither death or heartbreak breaks her - she still makes jokes even though she told Rory that the worst day in her life would be the day he didn’t know who she was. in TNOTD she’s dead - but when Clara asked about it she just laughed it of - because I think that’s her way of coping. 
A lot of people mistake her for not being emotional - but in reality it’s fits perfectly with her characterization - a vulnerable side she keeps well hidden - she hides her pain, jokes it away - so she smiles at the same time as she is crying.